Solar Cell Technology

Surface Nanotexturing

Our solar cell nanotexturing technique produces ultra-powerful solar cells. Our patented technique is compatible with both crystaline silicon and thin-film manufacturing processes.

Key Features

  • Captures nearly 100% of sunlight from all angles and wavelengths
  • Tenfold increase in effective surface area
  • 22% more efficient than traditional commercial solar cells

The Effimax Advantage

Manufacturer Level

We are working towards engineering products and services for solar cell manufacturers. Our technology is designed to improve the productivity of manufacturing lines, and we ensure a quick, seamless integration. Clients gain a wide range of benefits by utilizing our technology.

Key Benefits

  • Increased solar cell competency helps our clients gain larger market share.
  • Our patented nanotexturing approach reduces a traditional 100 minute production process to just over 3 minutes.
  • Our clients save significantly on operational and maintenance expenses.

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